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Firmware update


I have read from couple of threads that 1.6 is old firmware and newest is 1.8. I checked my version and it seems that I have old version. Tried to find info for updating the version, but couldn't find such.

Are there new version publicly available somewhere + instructions how to do the update?



  • The update from firmware version 1.6 -> 1.8 cannot be done by the customer unfortunately. It involves a special programming setup we use in-house.

    We currently have two options for this:

    1: You return the board to us to update the firmware. Once complete we courier the board back to you.

    2: We invoice you for a replacement board ($120usd) and we immediately courier you a replacement board. Once the old board is returned to us we refund you the invoiced amount. This is easiest done through Paypal.
  • Can you comment more on this... what is the upgrade? I don't mind the swap out, but is this something we should all do, or is it a convenience...should we wait until the next version....etc.
  • The firmware update is purely to fix a bug that randomly occurs and causes some corruption in the eeprom data stored on the micro-controllers.

    If your Emblaser is working correctly there is no need to perform the update. It does not provide any new functionality.
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