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Suddenly cannot home

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Hi guys

Very frustrating night in the workshop, which is why I am back here at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.
PicSender loads fine, but locks up as soon as I try to home.

I recall another discussion about early release firmware, is this my problem?



  • What about reloading default settings David!
  • Can't mate, since I cannot $H the Arduino is locked and wont run a file. I have the ready to go. I tried it last night with no luck.

  • The X steps/mm is set at 0.000 and it homes with X first, so that's why it's locked. Use the Do Cmd. and type in $100=200 and select the Do Cmd. button and try to home again.
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    JW you are a legend, look out for something extra special in your pay check this week :)

    WTF, how did that happen ?

    Dom, should i be looking at a firmware update anyway? Is there such a beast.

    Thanks again Daryl & John. (Edit: Ooops , Jeff :)P)

  • Well done Jeff.
  • I thank John too for writing such a reliable streamer as PicSender is. :-)

    David, after changing the $100=200 and then homed, select the yellow GRBL button and in that window, select Display Settings and then Save to backup your grbl settings.
  • David,

    You appear to have an early version (v1.6) of our firmware which had a randomly occurring bug that might cause this.

    We will contact you directly about an updated board.
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