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Line by line vs all over engraving???

i was wondering if there is a way to tell the vectric to tell the emblaser or gcode to engrave line by line left to right bi directional rather than engraving in software choice which is all over here and there however the software decide . i know in many other big ticket lasers its done that way in some of the engraving jobs. maybe thats raster?


  • Yes, that is considered raster engraving which is how our PicLaser Lite and PicEngrave Pro 5 generates the gcode from images.
  • i think i will have to buy that . it might be easier in the machine less calculation im assuming
  • jeffery is is possible to figure out how i can get this working i know u explained but seems like i am confused with what values goes where etc. so what i do is i have sacrificial mdf with products already engraved so i know where to put them. now instead of vectric i want tto use your software yo rester the image cause vector engraving is taking so much time. how do i take an image and center in that specific products outline or position in on a specific spot?
  • Hi Puzant,

    If you know the X&Y position of the center of these outlines from the X&Y work zero place, you select the "Initial Image Zero" as "Center" which generates the gcode from the Center of the image as the starting Zero place. Then you input where this Center is with the X & Y Start Positions. This gives you the offset from your work zero place to the Center of your image where it will engrave.

    PEP offsets
  • im gonna try this i hope this works. thanks
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