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Getting to print sequence

Hi, I find is very difficult to get to the point where the Laser can be activated ...
It looks like you have to:
Power on
Connect GCode Sender
Send Homing command to clear errors ($H)
Send $M3 S10 command
Press the Laser button and keep it 2 seconds

with this process I get a success rate of about 2 out of 10.

What am I doing wrong ???


  • Hi Gerard,

    Turning power on and connecting to UGS is needed so that you can communicate with the Emblaser.

    The homing process is only needed when you first turn on your machine so that your laser is in a known position for the software.

    The next steps are usually to enable the laser by holding the laser button for 2 seconds and then sending a cutting file to the machine. There should be no reason to send it any $m03 commands. This would normally be handled in your cutting file.

    You should not be 'enabling' the laser until you are ready to run a cutting file. The 'watchdog' processor will actually 'disable' your laser if it sees that it has been enabled for 60 seconds without any movement in the laser. This is a safety feature to prevent fire or damage.

    Can you tell me where in the process you are having problems?
  • Hi,

    reg. the Homing process, it is required every time you switch on the Emblaser right ?

    reg. the laser 'enabling', pressing the Laser button for 2 seconds always results in the laser light slowly blinking but the laser never switches on.

    The only way I found which works is:
    send m03 s255 command
    press the Laser button for 2 seconds
    send m05 command to switch off the laser

  • Hi Gerard,
    Can you confirm you are holding down the laser enable button until to see the red LED blink once?
    This is set to 2 seconds but 2 seconds sometimes seems like a long time!
  • For me was first difficult to understand that the red light goes on and the "blink" means that it goes momentarily off. Also if you have difficulties check that the laser safety cover is pressing the micro switch properly on the laser unit.
  • Hi,
    as I mentioned before, when holding the laser button the red light 'pulses' but never blinks unless I first send the M03 S255 command.
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