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Best Software For Signs/Lettering

I've had some pretty good luck with using my laser for signs and lettering but the way I have been doing it (with PicLaserLite) takes a very long time since the program goes over every part of the image even though there is lots of blank space. Additionally, towards the end of the program, it fails fairly often as you can see with the right side of the Battle of the Hole trophy where the lettering gets much lighter and less sharp.

Is there a program that can handle lettering more efficiently? Are there programs that don't travel from border to border of the file regardless if there is anything to engrave? I would like to utilize the laser to do more of this type of work but I need to find a way for it to be more reliable to justify the usage. I'm not opposed to paying for software that I can count on.



  • Using the fill function in Cut2D will do the same type of signs you're doing much quicker.
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    If you upgrade to our full version PicEngrave Pro 5, it has ways to optimize the laser's path to cut down on your engraving time. If you look through the Picengrave category, there are examples of us presenting them there. With a quick search for "optimized", here is a couple we posted that shows shorter toolpaths for reducing the engraving time using PicEngrave Pro 5.

    Darkly Labs offers the upgrade from PLL to PEP5 on there web site here.

    The problem you having towards the end of your files is the surface your material is setting on may not be flat there and the laser is going out of focus,

    There is nothing in the gcode file from PicLaser Lite that could cause this unless those letters were lighter in the original image.
  • Thanks for the responses, guys, I will try the Cut2D avenue first before upgrading the software.

    Jeffery, thanks for the info on the laser focus. I built a wood structure to house the laser and it is pretty flat. I ran the program twice and it happened at the same spot both times, which is why I thought it might be a software glitch.
  • I good test would be, try positioning your material in a different place in the EmBlaser's travel area a see if it does it in the same area.

    If you wish us to check the gcode file, you can zip it and send it to the email address your PicLaser Lite registration was sent from and I can run it on our EmBlaser here.

  • Hi Jay,

    Looking at your photo we noticed you have an unusual twist in your FFC.

    Please double check and refer to the instructions and the pic we have attached. Incorrectly routing this could lead to stress fatigue and a failure in the cable.

    2015-10-28 23.08.08
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