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laser fan isn't working and no laser beam

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Hi i need help, I've just put the emblaser together. I got it to home although it still shows activate state alarm.
I can't get the laser to focus at all, the laser fan doesn't work and no beam comes out.
When i press the laser red button that lights up, but then nothing happens.


  • If the laser fan is not spinning then this is a sign that the FFC is not connected correctly.

    Either it is not fully inserted into its connectors or it is the wrong way around in one of the connectors (or both).

    Carefully lift the FFC locking mechanism and ensure the FFC is inserted fully and evenly into its connector. It should slide in approximately 5mm.

    Please let us know how you go.
  • Thanks for getting back to me :)
    So you were right i had it round the wrong way. oops
    So the fan is now working, the alarm is now off and in idle state so now I'm trying to focus the laser but there is no laser,aha
  • With the laser guard removed and holding the 'laser' button down the laser should come on at a low power for focusing.

    Is this not happening?
  • Are you definitely sure that the FFC is inserted all the way into its connectors and they are locked in place?
  • I got it working yay! and have started engraving although its not quite doing what it should, Is there a tutorial or anything that will guide me
  • We have a basic tutorial here:

    What specifically are you having trouble with?
  • It does this
    IMG_5829.JPG 116.2K
  • Hi Jess,

    Either your belts are too loose or one of the motor pulleys is loose and slipping on the motor shaft.

  • thank you, all good now :)
  • Now my laser stops mid job, what should i do to fix that?
  • This is usually a result of either the Laser Guard not correctly installed or the FFC not seated and locked correctly into it's connectors.

    An indication of this is that when the laser stops mid-job, the 'laser' LED will go from being solid-red to flashing.
  • ok yeah its flashing
  • Carefully check the Laser Guard is correctly installed as per the instructions. It will be a tight fit the first few times so be careful as you lock it in place.

    For the FFC, carefully unlock the connector locking mechanism and ensure the FFC is fully inserted in, then lock it down.
  • its working well now. thank you.
    How to you change the current?
  • There is a bank of switches on the main Emblaser board that sets the maximum current supplied to the laser unit.

    You need to be very careful changing these switches as setting them incorrectly could permanently destroy your laser diode.

    The User manual shows what switch settings to use for different currents.

    Note that the 3 watt laser unit should not be set above 2.2amps (2200mA).

  • ok thank you
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