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How to install UGS

Thought I was fairly ok with IT issues but stuck here. Got the emblaser, assembled it, downloaded driver, downloaded UGS zipfile containing 142 folders and 400+files and according to the manual all I need to do is 'run the .jar file'. There is no .jar file in the main folder, there are many all over the place. There is a sim.exe in the main folder but that only shows errors in a DOS box. Saw one user of this forum tried to run the .bat file in the 'release-files' folder but like for him that doesn't work at all.
I can randomly try and work my way through all the different folders and files but hopefully someone can help me out here? (Using Windows 8).



  • edited October 2015
    Try downloading the latest version of Universal G Code Sender from this link ....

    The folder I downloaded from there only contains 4 files, one of them being the .jar file that starts the little program.

    I work on a mac computer but I can't see that that would make any difference.
  • Jereon,

    I had problems with the Wndows version V1.08 UGS it would not run on my PC. I downloaded V1.06 and it runs fine.


  • Jeroen,

    It sounds like you downloaded the source code for UGS rather than the compiled version.

    Either try the link Jared suggested OR we have a direct download link on our website here:
  • Thanks All.
    The link to UGS in the manual points to a GitHub page with all the files, the one from Darkly indeed only had the 4 files and that works, can home and move the laser. Next step; get it to 'print' something ;)

    Thaks again
  • Good you got that resolved. The Github page is a bit difficult to figure out. You can download both the source files and compiled versions from there.
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