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Help needed! Distorted engraving, possible broken part


I started to test my laser for the first time yesterday. I'm engraving on lasterply. The text i'm trying to engrave is getting distorted: look at the pictures I attached.

It seems like there are certain areas of the work area that are worse. Some letter/lines come out pretty straight while others gets very offset depending on where they are in the work area.

This is what I have tried so far:
* re-adjusting the belts tension. I have done this by following the manual carefully, 5mm gap ect. I have tried this about 10 times now, trying looser and tighter tensions aswell, but I still get the same consistant bad results. I have only managed to make it worse or the same, but never better.

* I have made sure that the surface is totally flat. I've used double sided tape to hold down the laserply material so that it doesn't bulge anywhere. I even tried removing the bottom plate of the emblaser and put it on a flat surface. Didn't help either.

I'm using Cut2D to generate the toolpath, with vector grafics improted from illustrator. I'm using Universal G-code sender, and I've also tried picsender. I'm confident that the essembly was done right, although there were one part with drillholes that was off (one of the side - when putting the sides together the holes were off), so I had to drill my own holes.

Any ideas what could cause this problem? Bad or damaged parts?
Best regards / Fredrik


  • Ok. I think I have found the problem... Or at least part(s) of the problem.

    I don't know why I didn't see this earlier - On one side, the bearings sticking out from the gantry carriage is touching against the top panel! :( I can't even slide a thin paper though on that side, but on the other side there are pleny of space in between.

    I realize now that the drill holes for the top are totally off aswell... pretty much all my plexiglass parts came with the drillholes off. See my attached pictures. The laser doesn't even stand evenly on the bottom plate because of this.

    Another thing that was trouble during the assembly was the one of the bearings didn't fit inside the laser carrier module. I got all the bearings to snap into place (using a bit of force) except one of them that was almost impossible to fit.. I had to use the handle (rubber outside) of a hammer to push it in, and even then it was hard and took me minutes of trying.. So i'm a bit worried that I may have damaged that bearing.

    3D printed part out of tolerance?

    It feels like I got a lemon/monday product/dud... and in this current state the laser is useless.

    / Fredrik

  • Fredrick,

    You do seem to have some parts that should not have made their way past our inspection.

    We will contact you directly and organise replacements for you.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.
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