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incomplete cuts

hello all,

new emblaser user and first time poster here!

after recently assembling the machine I have been doing some test cuts to make my way around the machine and the software. everything seems to working fine except for the fact that the cuts are not always complete. In the attached pictures notice that the D E L M N X Y Z are not fully cut. the laser seems to stops cutting randomly and then continue again. I am used basic 75 gm printing paper, 10mm/sec speed, 50% power and 1 pass for this test. the text is arial at 8mm height created by the cut 2D text generator. Any insights as to why this is happening? perhaps my machine assembly is flawed? by the way when I tested the emblaser vector test file 1 the D and the E had little gaps in the cut as well. any advice/help is highly appreciated!

thank you,



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    Hi Amit,

    This usually happens when your feedrate is too high or you aren't applying enough power.

    From what you describe, you are moving quite slowly (10mm/sec or 600mm/min)

    For thin paper like you are using, the standard cutting feedrate and power is 1800mm/min and 100% power (at the 1.8amp setting).

    I suspect your focus is not optimal or you're not setting the correct laser height over the material. From the images, if those letters are 8mm high, your laser kerf (cut thickness) is way too wide. When correctly focused, it should be a very fine line (approx 0.15mm wide).
  • thank you very much for your reply. I will follow your advice and do some more tests
  • hello,

    I did another test using your recommended settings. 100% power and 1800mm/min speed. the paper is the same. the cuts are now complete without gaps but the laser is not cutting through fully. in the attached picture you can see hair like black (not fully burned?) threads bridging two side by side cut lines. is this being caused by the laser still not fully focused, and or the speed being too high? btw I have tried lower speeds, down to 1300mm/min and tried focusing as carefully as my eyesight allowed (I think!). your advice is highly appreciated.

    thank you
  • One way to ensure your focus is optimal is to make a cut like you have shown, then turn the lens 1/4 turn in one direction. If the cut gets better repeat this process until it gets worse.

    Then repeat the process in reverse by turning the lens 1/8 turn in the opposite direction until the cut is once again worse.

    You can then back off the lens 1/8 turn to achieve your optimal focus.

    This take a little time, but once complete you can place a drop of hot-glue on the lens thread and lock it in place.
  • thank you! I will give your method a shot.
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