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Send to X/Y Position..command?

Hi Emblazers,

What would be the Gcode command to let the emblazer travel to a specific position. E.g. X65 and Y25? I want to set the exact location for the laser to start.

Thanks! Julien


  • According to the documentation I've found, G0 x65 Y25 will move the laser to your desired location at the maximum rate. G1 will move the laser at the feed speed you've set with the F code. F200 gives 200 mm per minute.
    Be sure to G28 to home the machine first if you need precision. For more assurance of correct configuration, G20 sets the machine to imperial, while G21 sets it to metric.

    This documentation comes from this forum, one of the members and it's well written, very easy to understand:
  • Cheers Fred, excellent! Would you know why G28 puts X=420 Y=280 and $H puts it to X=419 Y=279?
  • $h is the GRBL command to initiate a 'homing' process. During this process, the machine moves to detect the limit switches and then slightly moves back (1mm) to disengage them. The position at the end from homing is not a 'stored' position, but rather a position to get the laser head out of the way.

    G28 moves the machine to the full extent in both axes.

    There is a short 'Introduction to G-Code' in the Emblaser User Manual on page 37.

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