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Printer interface

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While G-Code works and experienced machinists can get results, the Emblaser falls down without a printer like interface.
The 30W CO2 lasers from China work like that I'm told, like using a HP or Canon .....
You open your file, select print, adjust parameters, and hit GO. It does the job. EOS

Can we please have a printer like interface for Emblaser?



  • edited August 2015
    EOS = end of story

    However it really isn't the end is it?
    Reading the discussions on this forum it is clear that the greatest problem experienced is the "printing of the job". Having to pass your creativity to PPL or Cut2D to generate the g-code and then upload it into the Emblaser to get the final result is too hard for most (including me with all my CNC, 3D printing & electronic experience).

    OK, it'll put the price up. Fine. But it'll work like a printer or flatbed plotter. RESULT
  • Hi John,

    We are working on many ways to 'simplify' the whole experience of using the Emblaser.

    This is from the construction side, to focusing and all the way through to ultimately sending a job to cut.

    You are spot on with the need to simplify the process of sending cutting files to the machine. This is something we have been addressing.

    Thank you for your suggestions. We are always more than happy to hear from customers as to what can be improved.
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