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Images to DXF and large G-Code files

Afternoon all

Its been a very full couple of days in Emblaser land here in Melbourne. A couple of things I have found that the group may find useful.

UGS 1.08 and earlier seem to struggle on large G-Code files. My files are regularly 500,000 line plus and UGS locks up and dies with these files. This may be due to the way it caches for the look ahead buffer, not sure but it is a pain. Anyway, I have been having great success with GRBL Controller ( )

The other thing that has been a bit of fun it adding images to Cut2D, or at least versions of images. Have a look at . Just feed it a BMP, JPG or whatever image file and get back a nice clean DXF. Import that into C2D and engrave it like any other vector.

As always, use entirely at your own risk.



  • Another streamer option is PicSender. It can stream up to 10,000,000 lines or more flawlessly. It was developed for use with the large, fast changing image engraving raster gcode files that PicLaser Lite generates or PEP5, It can be used with small to very large vector files also.
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