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A3 skipping steps

Hi, I have upgraded to an A3 emblaser and am having troubles with the unit skipping steps and making horrible noises. I have been through the belt tension regime several times and although I now think this is my root cause, following the instructions in the manual is not eleviating the problem. I also feel I am putting too much tension on the second belt set up to achieve the goal of both stps hitting the end plate at the same time. I just tried sending a grid test and stopped it as I notice as the laser head got nearer the right hand side, the text was becoming out of register and not stayiong on a line. Pic attached. Help required as I've run out of ideas??????
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  • If you have allot of rapid moves (G00) in your file it maybe loosing steps. You can try lowering your max feedrate for the X&Y axis in your grbl settings and see if the problem goes away.
  • THANKS for your advice Jeff, I believe that was partially the problem as one job did have a lot of rapid steps over a small area. I also took some of the tesnsion of one of the belts and that seems to have helped. I think I must be misinterpreting the instructions on setting up belt tension in the build manual.
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    Let us know how you progress. There should not be any skipping happening with the default settings the Emblaser comes set at. This may start happening if the accelerations values are altered and it is trying to change motor directions quickly.

    Keep in mind that although stepper motors do make a horrible noise when they lose steps or are prevented from moving by hitting the edge of the machine, they will not be damaged by this.
  • THANKS Guys,

    I changed the feedrate as suggested by Jeff and this helped a little. I felt the root cause was still the belt tensions and I kept trying to adjust them to alleviate the problem. What was happening:- if I was doing a straight line of text (fill) the line would not stay straight. Loosening the belts has fixed the problem.



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