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My Emblaser Focus Mode does not work!

In the manual, after removing the Laser Guard on page 19, it says:
" Enter focus mode by holding down the enable button. The laser will ramp up to 10% power after one second and remain there while focusing is taking place."
In my case, Emblaser A3 v1.5, the laser does not stay on. I have to continually keep holding the red button and use one hand to try to focus it. I also think, the power level is not 10% when doing that. What am I doing wrong?


  • Hi,

    For safety, you need to hold the laser button down to keep the laser in focus mode.

    Your system is working correctly.

    Please remember that focusing is one situation where you are activating the laser with the guard removed. We have designed the Emblaser so you should not be able to leave it in focus mode and run the machine.

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