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Windows 10?

Is any one a computer genius and knows whether or not windows 10 will work with the programs that are used to run the Emblaser?


  • Hi Jerry,
    I have Windows 10 installed on a development computer, and I can successfully connect and send gcode files to my Arduino Uno test setup rig running GRBL 9 versions with PicSender. The gcode files are generated using our PicEngrave Pro 5 program also running on my Win 10 development computer.

    I also have the Arduino IDE 1.7.6 running on Win 10 with no apparent problems. I have not installed any other GRBL-associated software on Win 10, so I can not vouch that any software other than our Pic programs will run successfully.

    I have not yet connected with Win 10 to my Emblaser, but I see no reason to believe Win 10 will not successfully connect and run an Emblaser. When I can, I will move my Win 10 computer and connect it to my Emblaser and report my experiences and opinions here.
  • I'd be interested in this too. I just had my emblaser arrive yesterday and I spent a heap of time trying to get it to work off my Surface before discovering the Java was never going to work from there. I now have it running from my PC, but I'd like to update that to Windows 10. I would hate to do that and then discover I won't be able to run my newest toy.
  • Been running for the last 3 weeks, all on windows 10.
    Update from windows 7.
    No issues.
  • edited August 2015
    I have Win 10 on two computers, a desktop test computer, and my Dell laptop Emblaser computer. On both, some updates have refused to install and gave Microsoft's usual cryptic error messages and instructions to "search the web" for help. Not nice, Microsoft.

    After prompting from Microsoft and HP, I tried to install Win 10 on my HP 7 inch Win 8.1 tablet, but the installation crashed my tablet and I had to revert back to Win 8.1 AND reset my tablet to a new install, losing all my apps I had downloaded. Also not nice, Microsoft.

    So, I have decided that I will continue to use Win 7 on my custom built desktop program development computer until it dies beyond repair (not likely), or until Win 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

    Consequently, I can not/will not recommend to anyone that they update to Win 10 if their present Win version is working OK.

    Now, I must add that I have not experienced any problems running any of our Pic programs, including having PicSender streaming fast raster files to my Emblaser with Windows 10, or to my GRBL testing system.

    Caveat emptor!
  • I have windows 10 and am having problems with "Universal G-code Sender".

    Version 1.0.8 gives a cryptic string of errors that starts with "exception in void main".

    Version 1.0.7 runs but will not let me "reset zero". " I assume this is how you set the working coordinates to (0,0). When I try to do this I get an error saying it is not supported.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • We don't use the 'reset zero' option because it is not reliable and things get confusing very quickly.

    Our process is to 'home' the Emblaser and then position our work correctly in the Cut2D-Laser project with respect to the machine workspace.

    We usually engrave a basic grid onto our sacrificial base so we know approximately where our workpiece needs to be.

    Having said this, the next upgrade to Cut2D-Laser has correctly functioning button to 'cut from here' and also reset this position back to the default workspace.
  • Thanks for the fast response. I'm still having a problem however. With the home in the top right, the entire workspace is in the negative X and Y (III quadrant). The test file I have is in the positive X and Y(I quadrant).
  • Machine home and workspace zero are different things.

    The machine homes to the top right side in order to move the laser unit out of the way as much as possible while you add/remove materials.

    The machine co-ordinates are set based on the workspace, which 0,0 is lower left corner. These are really the only co-ordinates you need to know.

    The workspace is not negative. Don't think of 'home' as 0,0, think of the 'home' position as a handy reference point. Home is actually as the maximum workspace co-ordinates.

    Any files sent to the machine will use the workspace co-ordinates.
  • Thanks for the help. I understand that the workspace (0,0) should be located at the machine (-420,-287). It is not. It is at machine (0,0). When I try to run the sample program it just crashes into the top right corner.
  • Can you home the machine and post a screen grab of the co-ordinate readout from UGS?

  • Here you go
    Capture.PNG 38.5K
  • Ok,

    These results are not correct.

    It looks like a GRBL parameter is not being set to define the workspace.

    Please go to our website and download the appropriate 'Emblaser GRBL default' file for your machine (A3 or A4).:

    You can try to run this file to reset the default values OR perhaps open it in a test editor and compare the values in this file you your current GRBL settings.

    You can display your current GRBL settings by entering $$ in the UGS command window.

    I would recommend also entering $n and comparing this result with what is in the default file. This is where the workspace co-ordinates are defined.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or need help with this.
  • Thanks. You might want to add some of this stuff to the manual. There is no mention of or the fact that you need to run it before the machine will work.
  • Hi Hyrum,

    These are pre-set when we program the Emblaser boards so there is normally no need to run this.

    In your case they appear to either be missing or have been changed.

    Let us know how you get on and whether this resolved the problem for you..
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