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Laser Guard 'Powderization'

Hello...last night I noticed that the laser guard had some 'powderization' on the lower internal surface. It looks like the inner particles of the laser guard are 'moving' towards the beam. It reminds me of 'iron filing on a magnet'


I cleaned it by dusting it off with a paint brush and then rinsing it under running water.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed something this on their laser guard.
Am I doing something wrong? What could possibly be the reason for this occurrence?
Any insight on this would help.


  • Joel,

    Can you tell us what you are cutting?

    It looks like this is a build up of residue from your cutting, which should not happen because the positive pressure in this area should be pushing the fumes and particles out.

    It is difficult to tell from the pic but it could also be heat damage to the inside, possibly a result of your material igniting?

    Can you verify the fan on the laser head is always running?
    What material you are you cutting?
    When you cleaned the powder away, is the guard surface damaged?

  • I noticed the same on the inside of mine also but nowhere as thick as yours. I carefully cleaned it, like you did, and will keep an eye on it in the future.
  • I have mostly been cutting paper/cardstock (have cut about 200pcs of a card)...have cut 2mm/3mm balsa about 4-5 times...and tried cutting mdf a couple of times...

    It doesn't look like residue from any of my cutting material. It looks similar to the guard material.

    I run the emblaser about 3 hours a day for last 2-3 weeks (stopping in between for about 5-10min to change the job stock after every job; job cutting time is about 15min)

    The fan on the laser head has always been running and I have an additional table fan alongside to blow out any fumes.
    The guard inner surface doesn't look eroded but it felt softer after brushing out the residue; hence I rinsed it under tap water. It looked better after rinsing.

    The residue wasn't very dense. I ll post some picture later today of the guard to show how it looks after cleaning

    I have a clear 2mm acrylic sheet over my sacrificial material that I have been using as my base. Could this have something to do with the residue build up?
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