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10x10 Grid issue

I downloaded the 10x10 grid template from the DL forum, and tried to engrave on a piece of plywood, in order to get better positioning to my projects. When the EmBlaser started the job, I realised that all the horizontal lines were not straight on the left side of the square, while the end of them, on the right side were perfect. (pictures bellow). Does anyone have a hunch of what is going on?


  • HI Daniel,

    The two things that could cause this are:
    1: You belts are not tensioned correctly (possibly a fraction too loose)
    2: One of your motor pulleys is loose and slipping on the motor.

  • I also realised that the second pass is a quarter millimetre away from the first pass.
  • Yep, When I manually push the left and right sides towards the acrylic baseplate, only the right side is touching the acrylic. Im gonna correct the belt tension and see if solves the issue. thanks˜
  • It seem that the belt tension adjustment just solved the issue. Thank you!
  • Excellent!
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