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After Homing and sending the NC file, Laser Unit rams into the Left Gantry Carriage

When the Emblaser attempts to find the (0,0) position in order to make the square bordering our laser cut design, the laser rams into the left gantry carriage. My partners and I attempted to tighten the belt tension, changed the firmware settings to default according to another post, and removing one of the screws on the laser unit near the belts that was the first contact of collision with the left gantry carriage. After attempting all of these fixes, the laser unit continues to ram into the left gantry carriage. On the other hand, the laser unit does not ram into the left gantry unit afterwards when it creates the border. How can we fix this problem, assuming that the collision is unintentional design?


  • Hi Karen,

    Can you verify you have 'homed' the machine?

    Can you post the cutting file (.nc) you are trying to run so we can see what is going on?
  • Yes, I homed the machine with the $H command. The laser cutter has issue with all cutting files we send to it. I troubleshot it today with some other folks in a maker lab. The only solution to making this problem go away was to add some white space margin when we created the file with Cut2D. Ideally, we would like to not have to remember add margin to every file.
  • This is a file created with PicLaser-Lite.

    Have you tried running a vector file on the machine created with Cut2D-Laser?

    Can you run the test cutting file located here without any problems?

  • If I add an offset in Cut2D-Laser this works, without an offset, this does not work.

    I have a bigger problem now. When I press the laser button and hold it, the laser enabled light does not flash and the laser goes off when I release the laser enable button.

    How do I get the laser to be enabled again?
  • I've found the laser guard positioning to be very sensitive. An unintentional nudge can cause the laser enabling microswitch to not be engaged. It sounds like that could be your problem.
  • Thanks very much. This is a correct diagnosis of my problem. I adjusted the laser guard and the laser is up and working again.
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