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Discontinuous lines

edited July 2015 in Archived Issues
I've just started my first project which aimed to cut out the pattern of a leather card holder. I first created the pattern with AutoCAD and the .dwg file was imported into Cut2D Laser in order to created the .nc file as attached. I ran the file and worked on a 250gm white paper. As you can see, the green lines in AutoCAD should be closed but somehow the pattern "cut" by the Emblaser were discontinued. I ran the file twice and the outcomes were different, the patterns were discontinued in different ways. What's go wrong?


  • This is most likely because your feed-rate is too high or your lens hasn't been focused to the optimum sharpness.

    As a guide, with a correctly focused lens you should be able to cut white copy paper with 100% power at 1800mm/min.

  • I had tried 500mm/min and still had this problem. I think I have to re-focus my lens. Thanks for your advice.
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