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Future Hardware Request: Extraction Fan Output

Another thing to put on the next controller board REV wish list is a fan driver output to enable/disable a 12V Fan

Expanding idea more I'd like to see unused I/O bought out onto a header so can be utilised in the form of an expansion header. Possibly the Fan control could just be one of the I/O and up to the end user to provided the driver for the fan, i.e. relay etc.



  • We have some provisions for this already.

    Let me run this by the engineers and see what we have available that can be utilised.

    Keep the great ideas coming!
  • Another IO idea: Break out a couple of pins for unit on / unit in use for external signs
    I'm thinking of hanging a laser warning on the door to my workshop, and having it read directly when the unit is operating makes it clear when people can enter or not (Kinda like old-skool darkrooms)
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