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Laser jerks around and some problems

ok after assembling the emblasers i ran into couple problems, one is that i didn't have enough m3 parts for the side panels and the next problem is where one of the wires snagged on the bolt and caused it to leave an opening on the wire as shown on the picture. also after doing the test cut my laser starts to jerk around a certain spot and it continues the cut normally after that. please help! here is the video for reference I really don't know whats causing it. You can also see from the test cut where the laser stops and just burns a hole. thank you


  • any help guys?
  • Hi Florencio,

    Apologies for the delay. It is the weekend here and I have just managed to check some emails!

    Firstly, please let us know exactly what parts you had missing and we will send replacements to you immediately.

    From the video, it is clear that the laser is not homed correctly. This in effect means that the software does not know where the laser head is, causing it to start the job from the top corner.

    Can you tell me whether you have done the 'homing' process when turning the machine on?

    I can't tell from the video if the fan is spinning on the laser unit. If it isn't then this would mean the FFC has either not been inserted fully into its connectors or it is the wrong way around.

    Let me know if you have checked this and we will go from there to get you working.
  • no problem! and yes I did the homing as soon as i installed the belt and it actually starts on the top right corner, I just recorded the video where the laser goes crazy. The fans are spinning and working ok. I'm just missing a couple washers and nuts. thank you
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    After the machine has homed, can you please post a screen-grab of UGS. I would like to see what the values are in the position window.
  • This looks correct.

    Can you please email me the .nc file you are trying to run on the machine.
  • its actually the test cut file from this forum, but i tried doing my own cutting and it works good so far i think. Although another problem came up where UGS crashes sometimes midway on a cut or whenever i browse a file.
  • Hi Florencio,

    Just following up to see how you are getting on.

    UGS is sometime problematic for some customers. If you are running windows then I would recommend you either purchase PicSender from our website OR try GRBL-Panel (the link is in the download section on our website)
  • hi and yes everything is working good so far and i did purchase that and the pic engrave pro. I was wondering if any of you guys plan on doing video tutorials for us beginners using the emblazer and the software because with the software I am really clueless on how to use it lol.

    I made my first cut with it although it took a lot of passes for it to fully cut through. I had the settings on 100%power and ran at 50 mm/sec, but i forgot how many passes it took which is weird because the plywood is very very thin... I was thinking maybe because it is too dense that the laser had a hard time cutting it? this is the material i bought off amazon
  • 50mm/sec is quite fast.

    Try slowing it down and you will have better success. Somewhere between 500-1000mm/min (8-16mm/sec).

    Videos are definitely high up on our list when time is available for this.

    There are some tutorials we are releasing soon to help getting going.
  • Hi Florencio,

    There is some recommended settings for PicEngrave Pro 5 in this thread including screenshots of settings. Our tutorials can also be downloaded from this thread.
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