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Holes top panel (Attach Gantry) M3 size instead of M4 size.

Hi, I have received the A3 kit with holes that are wrong sizes.. And how can I finnish my kit now? The holes are M3 size and they should have been M4.(on one side) I'm at part: Attach Gantry to Top Panel. Any tips to drill the acrylic? Does this affect accuracy of the Emblazer?


  • Hi Natasja,

    Can you send us a photo of where the problem is?

    The material used is polycarbonate, not acrylic. This means you should easily be able to drill it to slightly enlarge the holes if needed without any problems.

    Once we see the photo we can give you some better advise on how to proceed.
  • I think I may have had a similar problem though it was only with one of the holes in the top plate. I'm attaching a photo which shows the right hole is too small. Since it was just that one hole and at that point I really wanted to get it done I just ignored it and figured I would deal with it later. It's just odd since I would expect these are laser cut based on a CAD drawing or some template that would be used over and over for each kit.
  • Yes it's the same problem Alia has only I have 4 holes like that,
  • I have this problem as well. The 4 holes on the side with the controller are all sized for M3. I would use M3 bolts but there aren't any spare.
    Is there a solution for this problem yet?
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