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G2 Lens Correct Focus Ring Orientation

If you have been shipped a G2 lens, please verify the focus ring is on the correct end of the lens as in the image below.
Look carefully for the position of the glass lens in the unit. It should be closer to the surface on the side furthest from the focus ring.


If your lens has the focus ring incorrectly positioned or you are unsure, please contact us at before using the lens.


  • Hi

    My lens is stuck and I can't turn it by hand for focussing. Does it look right and is it okay to use a poly grip plier for this?

    The laser unit seems a bit scew, is this a problem?

  • Hi Thue,
    That image of the lens ring looks like has scratches on its face. Is that just the reflection from the photograph? All these lenses are brand new and should not look like that.

    Was the lens stuck when you received it? As we assemble the laser unit we tighten the lens about 3 turns by hand which should be no where near it's fully tightened position.

    You can use pliers to loosen the lens, but please be careful. The modules are copper and their threads are delicate.

    The fan shroud being askew should not cause a problem. I suspect it has not been fully inserted into place.

    Just for consistency we will post you a new fan shroud which you can replace this one with in case it has a printing defect which prevents it from fitting correctly.
  • Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

    Yes the lens was stuck when recieved. To visual inspect it I tried to unscrew the set screw holding the laser unit and slide it off. It coulden't get all the way off though, but now the lens turns fine. I did not succeed to proberly inspect the lens, but from the side it seems there is not significant scratching.

    With the above in mind how should I go about screwing the set screw back into place?

    Not being able to get the laser unit all the way off is because the lens was still on, or what? - I prefer not screwing it off to check, if you can give me the answer :)

    A new fan shroud would be very appreciated!


  • Which set screw did you remove. The one on the lowest side closest to the lens?
    If this is the case then you may be turning the whole laser module which would not be good. This could damage the wires to the laser diode. Put that set screw back before you proceed.

    The only reason the lens would lock up like that is if a small amount of thread-lock found its way onto it and set after we inserted the lens. We thread-lock all the lens rings in place because they have a tendency to come loose and make it difficult to focus the laser,

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