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Hi together

I'm planning on setting up a website to order custom engraved drumsticks.

This Weekend I did my first try with my used Drumsticks. And after some testing on some plywood, I tried it on the Drumsticks and it turned out pretty well. See it attatched in the picture.

Maybe I can reduce power a bit to get a less deeper burn.

I will post more pictures as soon as I do more engravings.

Have a nice day.


  • Hi all

    Today I did some Bottle openers as give-away for a friend who builds drums.

    Two engravings, one on each side

    Parameters: 55%, 50mm/s, 1 pass 0.1mm between fill-lines
    IMG_4494.JPG 594.5K
    IMG_4495.JPG 500.6K
  • Looks great Dominic.

    We have been asked a number of times about whether the Emblaser will engrave on curved surfaces but haven't had the change to test it yet.

    It's good to see you have had success,
  • Yeah it works. I did some testing and I would say it is no problem to engrave on round objects as long as the difference between the deepest and the highest engraving object is no more than 1mm. Maybe it could be tweaked a little bit if the laser is placed a bit deeper than with the focus-tool (which is 1.5mm if im right)

    In one test I did a text engraving over the whole surface of a stick. In the center the Engraving is perfect and as it gets more to the left or right, the more blurred the engraving gets.
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