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Bamboo is cool

Evening all


I tried several times with a range of power settings but could not get the 4.3mm bamboo to cut without way too many passes and a charred edge. I went back to the CNC mill and cut the piece quickly and cleanly.

On the other hand this stuff engraves like manna from heaven.. Bamboo is a grass not a tree so is basically 100% cellulose which when you blast it with 4000mW of laser go crispy really well. Take a close look at the flowers being engraved, some of those are less than 1mm wide.

I am buying 4.3mm sheets from a supplier in Melbourne for about $55 a square metre. Not cheap but great material. The can supply everything from 0.6m to 12mm. I have deliberately not named them so I don't look like a spammer but if you are interested in bamboo supplies send me a PM for details.




  • Very nice work!
  • Great work! I am wondering what a photo engrave would look like on looks like it would not have the subtle shading needed for the photo process as the wood chars dark black.
  • I wouldn't assume that; I have only been using unmodulated power since I am doing pure line art and don't need tones. I am a bit reluctant to sacrifice a piece of stock for an experiment but will see what I can find in an offcut.
  • Shading may not be possible with Bamboo, but if you dither the image 1bit Black & White first, PicLaser Lite or PicEngrave Pro 5 can generate the gcode to engrave a photo onto it.
  • Hey David, this looks great! I am looking to do something similar with Bamboo, if its not too much trouble, can you please let me know your settings for this?
  • Hi

    For detail areas say 100 x 150mm then I use 1000mm / minute. For smaller more intense areas, then 1500mm / minute works well.
    All at 100% power.
  • Thanks David! Will try this out.
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