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Initial Setup Problem

I'm trying to get Universal-G-Code-Sender installed correctly. I installed the arduino drivers, the latest version of Java, then I downloaded Unlimate GCode Sender. When I go to run 'start-windows.bat' from the command line, I get the error "Error: Unable to access jarfile UniversalGcodeSender.jar". I looked for the jar file everywhere, but did not find it in the download or even on the Universal-G-Code-Sender location.

Could someone suggest the basic thing I am doing wrong so I can get burning?



  • Hi Karen,

    What operating system are you running?

    When you unzip UGS it will be in a directory containing 4 files:

    Double clicking on the .bat file should automatically find the .jar file (if you are running windows).
  • I am running Windows 7. I downloaded the file from and I see all of the files except UniversalGcodeSender.jar. I went and downloaded the files again and UGS seems to be missing that important file still.

    Any chance you could put UGS in the downloads section?
  • It looks like I was downloading the source code on the right side of the page instead of the executable at the bottom of the page.

    I think I have it figured out now.
  • Yes, that is a catch with github.

    I will see about posting it in the download section. I just have to see what restrictions there may be on doing that.
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