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Laser head freezing when starting project

Yesterday I did my first test cut with my Emblaser. I just cut out a Batman symbol on a piece of paper to test it. Today I spent some time making a design for a cardboard box cutout. When I load the .nc file to the Gcode Sender it accepts the file. But when I click send to begin the job, the laser head moves to about the center of the cutting area then just sits still. When it reaches there I can still hear the PCB whining like it is active, but nothing is happening. Any suggestions?


  • Flat cable firmly in place especially in the laser head end?
    Port speed right?
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    By port speed do you mean laser movement speed? Flat cable is secure though, yes.

    I also just attempted to re-run the Batman cutting job and that one still runs fine.
  • You have used OFFSET in job setup in Cut2D. That is usually bad idea. I usually define job size 300x210mm, no offset. I can place the object any size and any place on the A4 which is the max work area in my Emblazer.
  • I don't have offset turned on as far as I can see. I have an A3 so my print area is slightly larger, if you were just referring to my 420x280. On the Job Size and position page my offset is turned off.
  • Kyle,

    Can you send me the file so I can look at it?
    Please email is to
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    This was apparently popping up behind the Gcode sender and closing after a few seconds, I only just saw it.
  • Ahh... The old 'window behind the window'...

    Glad it was something that simple.
  • Oh, I was just showing this in case it would help, it still shows that every time and won't print. Going to send you the file now.
  • Kyle,
    I have just examined your file and think I found the problem.

    You have the feedrate set to 0.5mm/sec. This is extremely slow. From what you tell me I suspect your machine is working but just ver slowly.

    Try setting the feedrate to 500mm/min (8mm/sec). This will get you closer to where you need to be.

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    So since the last time I was at my Emblaser. I have found a new problem. It now can't find the serial connection to the Emblaser. I'm having terrible luck with this today. I have tried restarted both the Gcode Sender and the Emblaser but it will not find it.

    EDIT: Restarted my computer and it finds it. I'm just having an off day haha. I'll try your suggestion and let you know.
  • What OS are you using?

    If windows, can you check in your device manager under 'ports' and make sure the port it is appearing as (Arduino device) is what you are using in UGS.

    Otherwise, the usual reboot wouldn't go astray.

    If this doesn't fix it, please let me know what is happening when you try to connect. What is being reported back etc.

  • So there is a slightly different result this time but it is still stopping. It started, moved to the starting point, went smoothly for about 5 seconds then stopped. This time though it didn't just freeze with Gcode Sender saying the job was still going. This time it gave me the null error message and stopped altogether.
  • Sorry, I did not see your previous comment until now. I'm using Windows 8.1. In Devices it shows up under unspecified instead of ports, but it does show up as Arduino Uno (COM 3).
  • I don't know if this may help as well, but this is the command log when it is failing.
  • Okay so I seem to have gotten it working normally now. I'm really not sure what was wrong though. If anyone is still reading this is do have another concern though. If not I will make a new thread. Is there something in particular I have to do after finishing a job to make it run another? It always says "Error starting file stream: cannot start a stream while there are active commands (controller)", and I have to restart the program and the Emblaser to do another job.
  • Kyle,
    Glad its going. Please keep us informed if you discover what was wrong or how you resolved it.

    We do not get this error but it has been reported by at least one other user. It seems to be something with UGS that is not clearing the buffer after the job has finished.

    Can you please email me a copy of a file you are experiencing this error on and I will examine it at my end. Please send to

    I know many people have had a lot of success with PicSender. It is a paid program but well worth every cent to overcome issues like this. You can perhaps try the trial and see whether it resolved this error for you.
  • I supported LaserInk on kickstarter so I'm hoping that will work well with this too when it is released. Maybe I'll give PicSender a shot. Is that through the same company as PicEngrave?
    Also, It gives me that error after every job. Every one I've done so far anyways, which is three separate ones. Would you like just any given one?
  • Yes, please send me any job generated from your copy of Cut2D. I would like to see how the post-processor has created your code.

    PicSender is from the PicEngrave team.

    Some people have reported success with GRBL Controller as well.

  • One more thing, I notice you are using v1.07 of UGS.
    Can you try version 1.08 and let me know whether that still gives you the error.
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