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Laser Red light always on?

edited January 2015 in Archived Issues
As the A3 embraser, following to the instruction manual. Once i power on , both LED of power and LASER "light on". Is this normal. ( Because the manual said LASER light is on when pressing it....) But the Laser function is okay and scarring me when the 1st run. :-p


  • Hi Wong,

    This is not normal. The red 'Laser' light should not be on by default.

    Can you please check:
    1: Your laser guard is installed correctly and contacting the switch on the smallest PCB
    2: Your "laser' button is not stuck.
    3: Is the laser visible when you turn on the machine or do you have to 'enable' it by holding the 'laser' button for 2 seconds?

  • I follow up the guide to install guide. 2. The laser button is okay.
    3. Laser function work okay after a I hold the laser button for 2seconds
  • Hi Wong,
    Even though you have a working board, the laser LED is an important part of the safety features on the Emblaser.

    We will contact you directly about replacing this board for you.
  • So, the problem is the main control and laser side board? Can i use the Laser or just wait u board for more safty? Thanks
  • Hi Wong,
    I would not recommend using it in case it causes damage to your laser diode.

    The safety mcu takes some control of the laser power settings and if this is not working correctly it may cause some other problems.
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