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CAD File to Cut2d, hitting extents

edited June 2015 in Vectric
Hi, I'm importing a random CAD shape so I can test the machine. It keeps hitting the extents.
Image 0
Above, it's a small object, and I'm assuming the Datum point is 'home' at the top right of the machine.
Image 2
All tool paths happy and saved.
Image 1
Viewer seems normal too.
This example will run the laser head all the way to the bottom left then commence burning there. As it's running it will make awful belt rubbing noises and seemingly hitting the extents.
I've checked that the machine has full transition from side to side, up and down, both manually and via the software positioning buttons. All perfectly ok there.
I did make a new 'shape' using the Cut2d software alone, and it seemed to function fine. But it started at the Home position as one would expect.
However, I cannot import CAD designs without the machine doing random oddities at the bottom left. Tried all sorts now...
I'm currently using 10mm/s @ 1% power, no laser enabled. Just for safety.
What can I do?


  • Hi

    I think your issue might be in the job setup.
    You have you 0x0 origin at the top right which is machine 0x0. However there is a gotcha in the way the board is configured; it expects Work 0x0 (note, not machine 0x0) to be bottom left.

    Redo your C2D file with origin at bottom left and try again.

    Whenever I start a job I go through these steps: (this is for UGS)

    Reset and unlock and go to machine 0x0

    Reset Zero
    Make sure machine and work co-ordinates are the same

    Return to Zero
    Back off the limit switches by 1mm

    Reset Zero
    Make sure machine and work co-ordinates are the same

    G0 x-410 y-280
    My machine is A3 so move as far to the bottom left as possible

    Reset Zero
    Zero the work co-ordinates, leaves machine co-ordinates unchanged

    Run my job with the 0x0 datum expected to be bottom left

    Hope this helps
  • Hi David,

    Can you tell us why you make the machine and work co-ordinates the same?

    We set the Emblaser up so that 'home' is in the upper right corner. This allows you to send the machine to 'home' after a job is complete and clear the workspace.

    The workspace origin is set to bottom left corner. This means it is easy for users to visualise how their job will be engraved / cut.

    There should be no need to make the machine and work co-ordinate system match. This defeats their purpose somewhat.

    Just curious as to why you do this and what advantage it gives.
  • Hi DL

    Working to bottom left 0x0 is a habbit for me from doing it that way for so long on my CNC mill.

    I may have not made it clear; I don't alter the machine co-ordinates just the work offset. I still "home" to top right at the end of a job as it clears the workspace in most cases, it is just that when I am at machine home I am at x410 y280 in workspace co-ordinates.
  • Ok, all good now. Exported part as DXF. Imported, removed Offset, Datum @ bottom left (I thought the workspace was the Datum, not the part).
    Does everything right... Yuss! Now I have to go make what I need to make. :) Thanks for the suggestion David. :)
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